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Don "Nick" Clifford

Mount Rushmore Worker  1938-39-40



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Nick Clifford, holding honeycomb rock from the carving of Mount Rushmore.

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     "Was it hard?" Believe it or not, this is the question asked most frequently of Nick Clifford, former Mount Rushmore driller and winchman. For several years, Nick has been answering questions asked by visitors at Mount Rushmore during the busiest tourist season. Now your questions and the answers, in Nick's own words, are compiled in Mount Rushmore Q & A as a way to offer you, the reader, a first hand account through the eyes and the recollections of one who was there. 

      Nick was just seventeen years old in 1938 when he was hired to work at Mount Rushmore. He was hired because he was a good baseball player. Find out what baseball has to do with the carving of Mount Rushmore. Now, at age 84, he is one of very few original Rushmore workers still living. Most men did not have the opportunity to tell their story publicly. That is why this book is so unique. There is no other book like it!  Nick shares his experiences of what it was like, as a teenager, to work on a mountain carving that today draws nearly three million visitors annually. Nick himself answers more than one hundred questions in this easy to read 70-page book, complete with pictures.


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Publication Date:   April, 2004

Fourth Printing in 2006

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